The Affordable Outdoors – Camping, Fishing, Hiking

Take up camping, hiking, or fishing and you’ll always have a reason to be outdoors. Camping, hiking, or fishing is just three of the many available outdoor activities that will take you away from the normal everyday routine of life. Spending quality time outdoors is a great way to enjoy nature with family and or friends and especially the kids. Many people assume that just because they have never been a part of these activities, have no equipment or know little to nothing about it they can’t go. That’s far from the truth. Its fun, easier and more affordable than you might expect. It’s all about enjoying the outdoors, nature and spending time outdoors.

Even if you’re on a tight budget a camping trip, a day hike, a family picnic by the lake or just a visit to your local park does not have to be expensive. Some facilities are free where others might charge a nominal fee that’s normally used to keep the facility more enjoyable. Some facilities are for use only during the daylight hours while others offer everything from day use, overnight camping, fishing, hiking trails, nature walks, and etc.

Purchase of any gear or equipment should be kept to an affordable budget and fit for your specific needs. Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Boating and Outdoor Recreation is just a few of the activities where you can build your gear and equipment inventory a little at a time. Don’t try to buy it all in one season. In fact you can likely find friends and or family that will share equipment and gear.

Make a list of items you might need or want and give yourself time to get things together, rather than attempting to throw everything together at the last minute. Your trip will be much more enjoyable if just take time make a list and plan. Your list should include everything that you need and or want, as well as those “just in case” items. As you pack, check each item off of your list to help ensure you’re not overlooking anything. There are many things to consider; sometimes making a list and planning is the only way to make sure you’ve got all of your must-haves to make the more enjoyable. It’s really all about individual desires and what you’ll be doing.

Here are just a few things to consider and think about.

o Consider where you’re going, what your activities will consist of and how long you plan to stay in order to determine what gear you might need.
o Will you be Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking, or maybe you just want to set up camp and chill for the weekend. You can even plan a combination.
o What’s the terrain like? Will you be pitching a tent or using a camper? Will your destination be in the rough or will it be a designated cleared site?
o Check the Weather predictions and always be prepared for the unexpected. The first time you don’t will be the time you wish you had.
o Make it a rule, pack up any medications and all first aid supplies that you may need. Prescription medications, pain relief and vitamins are essentials. Those with allergies should bring along an epi-pen or allergy relief medication.

Wayne Smith

Nashville, TN


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