Mountain Bike Bottle Holder



  • Weight (g): Less than 75g
  • Size: 144 x 85 x 84mm
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable for: 600~750ML bottle


  • Water bottle holder, forming one, modern design! 
  • Cleverly designed wing surrounded by rain water bottle. 
  • Rugged, recessed bone bit rugged design makes the bottle cage fixed to the frame 
  • Design Science, plus a non-slip scratch resistant rubber, making kettle fixed more stable and difficult to scratch kettle 
  • Kettle design allows easy fix out, particularly in the high-intensity contest or harsh riding environments, kettle not fall 
  • Super toughness, encountered strong impact will not be deformed and broken; 
  • With perfectly streamlined, plastic water bottle or aluminum water bottle used to carry, lightweight, suitable for road bikes and mountain bikes. 

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