Merino Wool Socks – Five Reasons to Buy Wool This Summer

Why would you ever want to buy wool socks for the summer? It seems like an insane idea; your feet are already warm so why add wool to the mix? Ironically, the properties of merino wool make it the chosen summer sock of outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s why.

1. Merino wool socks are breathable. The fine, spindly fibers specific to merino wool create small air pockets that enable the socks to breathe. These breathable socks do not let your feet smell. The reason being is that wool has natural anti-bacterial properties that can resist odors even after a full day’s (or multiple days) adventure, whether it is hiking, running, mountain climbing, cycling, etc.

2. They act as thermostats. They regulate your body temperature to keep your feet cool and dry during the summer (and warm and dry during the winter) by wicking away moisture through their fabric structure. The fabric structure is usually composed mostly of merino wool but can also include percentages of nylon, polyester and spandex. To effectively wick away moisture, the fibers are denser and have more surface area in which to capture and release water, ensuring that your feet do not get wet or overheat.

3. These socks are extremely soft. The wool comes from a unique breed of sheep, the Merino, which are specifically bred to acquire their soft wool. The sheep’s wool fibers grow long and spindly unlike other varieties of sheep with short wool fibers. These long fibers allow fewer ends to touch your skin so the socks do not itch. The result is all day foot comfort.

4. They are light weight. Unlike some of the heavier wools available, the fine and dense fibers of merino wool replace bulk with a lightness prized by outdoor enthusiasts. Many different styles and colors are available depending on your chosen activity.

5. They are durable. Because merino wool fibers are finer than other wool fibers, more of them can be used in the fabric of the sock. The high density combination of fibers resist the everyday wear and tear of active individuals due to their increased strength and so last longer. They are great for multiple day trips, enabling you to pack lighter without the frustration of wet, dirty socks.

These are just a few of the many reasons why outdoor enthusiasts love merino wool socks. They are breathable, cool, soft, lightweight and durable. I own several pairs and styles myself and highly recommend that you try them on this summer!

Laura Klement is a builder, crafter, organizer, gardener, outdoors enthusiast.


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