Do You Know What Camping Supplies You Will Need For Your Camping Trip?

It’s great to get away for the weekend into the countryside under canvas, in a travel trailer or RV. There is nothing better than breathing fresh air and eating outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Of course, having the right camping supplies and equipment makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

If you don’t go in some sort of travel trailer or RV, you will need a tent. Tents vary in price and size, from the simple one-man variety to large family tents. It’s important to choose one that suits the terrain and climate of the destination. Some tents are only designed for summer weather and any winter camping will require a 4-season tent.

Most people like to have some kind of air mattress to sleep on. It cushions against the ground and offers insulation too. These come in single, double and king size with pillows and pumps that can be charged up from a car battery.

If you are in a tent or a pop up, a good sleeping bag will ensure a sound night’s sleep. Again, there is a choice of materials aimed at different weather conditions. Children can have their own junior size versions.

A lantern or flashlight with spare batteries is a good item to put on the camping supplies list. Or if you go solar, you can get a flashlight that you just set out in the sunlight for a few hours and ultra bright LEDs can shine for more than 8 hours. Another variation, would be the hand cranked table lantern also with LEDs. A minute of cranking will give you 3 hours of low level illumination or six minutes of intense 360 degree white light.

Sheltered dining compartments give extra space and make camping more comfortable. Plastic table and chair sets are easy to keep clean and will last for years. There are portable stoves, Dutch ovens and barbecues, kettles and sets of durable pans and dishes. Food, wine and beer can be kept cool in mini refrigerators or cool boxes.

For those campers who want to take a break from cooking, camping supplies could include pre-prepared meals that just need added water. There is a good range that includes curries, chilies, meatballs and pasta and some delicious puddings Screens will give protection from interested insects and windbreaks will give shelter from the elements. Water carriers are the most efficient way of transporting water from the campsite’s water supply.

But for most people some sort of camping stove or grill is in the cards. There are many great camping grills on the market, and before you choose, you should think about a few things. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that you will only use once a year when you are going camping, but at the same time, you don’t want to buy something that is not reliable so that you end up with no way to cook your food. In some cases, you may not even need a grill at all, but you do have to take a few things with you.

The more expensive camping grills are great if you do a lot of camping and you think you may even use it at home once in a while. Some are gas, and they are made to be portable for those who may take a long hike to get where they are going to camp. Instead, they are small enough to carry a short distance, but will sit nicely on the top of a picnic table and won’t blow away with a strong breeze.

Sometimes you can find a great way to cook with wood, and you won’t need to have camping grills with you. If you know for sure your chosen campground has fire pits that allow you to have a safe fire, and you can put the grill screen over the fire and cook, or there are some that have grills you can use with charcoal or wood. No matter what type of camping grills you choose, make sure you don’t forget the cooking utensils, and getting sturdy ones for camping, in this case, is also a great idea.

Laundry is another consideration when living outdoors. Mini washing machines and dryers will keep the family in clothes and camping supplies should also include a clothes line or airer that can be attached to the tent. Don’t forget the pegs. Campers may want the use of a heater on chilly nights. There are lots to choose from and they have safety features to ensure that they don’t overheat and the thermostat cuts out if knocked over. Toilet facilities are the more mundane aspects of camping supplies but a necessary concern. There is a wide range of portable and chemical toilets on the market.

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